The Secret to Tight Pores and Clear Complexion

I woke up this morning and had an epiphany all related to cold water. So I have to tell you all I have very small, tight pores- okay don’t hate me I don’t even know how or why but I do. Now I know most of you now know I use a dermal needle roller as well as a moisture with retinol, but I honestly started using these products mainly for pigmentation and anti-aging purposes, though they do also assist in tightening pores.

So here it is, a few days ago I was scrolling along the internet and came across a beauty tip that says to rub an ice cube on your face daily for a few minutes for tighter pores, and a clearer flawless complexion. I do not rub an ice cube on my face daily because I never have ice, my freezer is full of everything but ice! However, as I was washing my face this morning I realized I always wash my face with cold water. Not just cold but very cold almost freezing water. I have been doing this for years now mainly because it’s the only way I can wake up in the morning. As I was splashing this freezing cold water on my face it dawned on me maybe this is one of the things that has been helping me maintain tight pores and clear complexion.

So I challenge you all, if you struggle with large pores try this little technique it’s quick, simple and completely free to try.

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