Hide that mustache ladies

What I prefer and What I have tried

Being Indian I have always struggled with noticeable facial hair. I typical do not like to wax, thread or remove my hair in anyway that requires the hair to actually be pulled out of the skin. This always leaves me with clogged pores and breakouts. I prefer to do laser hair removal for my facial hair. I have had a few treatments with an intense pulse light style laser, and although it helped to thin the hair to a less noticeable point, it has not completely removed my facial hair. The reason for this is because intense pulse light works on searching for the pigment in you hair follicle and zaps it at different stages of development, however once the hair becomes thin the intense pulse light no longer will work because it cannot detect that pigmentation as well. I recently ordered a Tria 4x Laser, this laser is thought to be better because it is a true laser and is suppose to better for the finer hair as well. Unfortunately, I can not use the laser right not as I am pregnant and it is cautioned during pregnancy. Only a few more months until I will be back to using my laser and I will be sure to do a review on it for you all and talk more about the difference in lasers and pulsed light technologies.

Bleaching Creme

As I said I am pregnant, and with that comes increased hormones as well as those prenatal vitamins filled with vitamins A and biotin which are amazing for your hair, skin and nails. This unfortunately also means increased in hair growth, including facial hair! Because I refuse to wax or thread because I know it will only leave me with nasty clogged pores, I started to bleach again. The bleaching creme I use is by Jolen, it is easy to use and gentle on the skin. Avoid areas of broken skin cause it can burn in these areas, though I have used it over active pimples before and aside from the burning feeling it doesn’t do anything to damage the skin in any way. In any case always follow the directions as indicated by the manufacturer for safe use. With this pregnancy I also find my hair gets longer quicker so after I bleach I occasionally will trim the hairs with a small facial/ eyebrow scissor.

Where to find it: Any grocery store or drug store such as Shoppers, London Drugs, Superstore, Save-on-foods ect.

Price: Average regular price $11.98.

Here is a little video for you guys on how I prepare, and apply my bleaching creme.

2 thoughts on “Hide that mustache ladies

    • houseofglamartistry says:

      Electrolysis does work to completely remove all the hair and stop it from coming back however it takes a longer time per treatment as well as over all requires a lot more treatments. For smaller areas it maybe okay but still because it involves targeting one hair at a time it is a longer and more painful process. I still prefer laser over electrolysis any day.


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