Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette, Profilt’r Foundation and Mikasa Beauty Brushes


Galaxy Palette

What I Liked– I have been waiting for a really good glitter shadow palette with some bright colors and I found it. I was impressed with the Galaxy shadow palette because the shadows are a smooth texture making the product easy to apply. Also they are quite pigmented, so you do not need to use a lot of product.

What I didn’t Like– Some shades have more glitter infused in them then others, for example I found the lighter shades were packed with more glitter, than the deeper shades, I wished they all have a lot of glitter infused in them. The packaging is so beautiful, but unfortunately the case gets finger prints all over it and gets scratched really fast. My palette got scratched just from me trying to clean up the finger prints with a microfiber cloth. The price was a bit steep, however in comparison to other glitter palettes the prices are very similar, and there are definitely other eyeshadow palettes that are priced higher and are still very popular

Profilt’r Foundation

As for the profilter foundation in #300, I was happy with the coverage and how the product set. If does set to a somewhat matte finish, however I have normal skin (not too dry not too oily) and it still had a bit of a glow/shine so in some areas I did go back over it with some Ben Nye Banana setting powder. At first I thought the color was too deep/ orange looking for my skin tone, but as the evening went on it continued to set better and better and by the time it was fully set I noticed it blended into my natural skin tone. I also like that this shade added some life into my face, because my usual tone can appear very pale. The finish is flawless and looked like I had airbrushed skin, which I LOVED! I liked this foundation so much that I would consider adding it to my Pro Makeup Kit.

Price: Galaxy Palette $69 CAD; Profilt’r foundation $42

Mikasa Beauty Make up Brushes

So as you will notice I also did showcase the Mikasa Beauty brushes I had received that day. I wanted to try out this product before I agreed to promote it and I must say I did like the brushes and would continue to purchase these brushes myself, and for my kit. The brush hair is made out of goat hair, as most makeup brushes are. They were very soft, did not shed or split, and made the product easy to not only pick up but apply also. They were also very easy to clean in anyway you decide. I usually sanitize with Cinema Secrets or in between applications clean with 70% alcohol spray. You can also clean with just soap/cleanser and water.

Use my Mikasa Beauty coupon code HOUSEOFGLAM25 to receive 25% off all products from Mikasa Beauty- Free shipping to Canada on purchase over $50!

Click here to visit Mikasa Beauty and find your favorite products!

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