My Experience with Dermal Rolling


I have been using my dermal roller for about 5 years now, and it is one of my skin care items that I could not live without. And I will tell you exactly why!

What is Dermal Rolling?

A dermal roller is a handheld device with a head surrounded with tiny microneedles, ranging from 0.5mm to 2.5mm in size, which when rolled onto the face penetrate the layers of your skin which produce collagen and elastin, thus stimulating these elements to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As the microneedles penetrate your skin it also stimulates the skin to begin the “healing process” thereby allowing new skin cells to be generated more quickly. Faster regeneration of skin cells allows for quicker resolution of uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and scars. Furthermore, rolling allows for deeper penetration of facial products used to receive greater benefits of the product.

How do you use it?

Before you begin rolling ensure your face its completely clean and dry. Begin in one section with upward strokes, then continue to another section of your face until you have rolled the entire face. Then go over these sections again in a different direction, for instance diagonally. This ensures that each section of your face has been stimulated, the upward direction assists with lifting of the skin. When rolling, you want to ensure enough pressure that the areas you roll over only become slightly pink or reddened, if you notice bleeding you are using too much pressure. After rolling use your favorite facial moisturizer, moisturizers infused with vitamins A, C, E and retinol are most beneficial to receive full benefits of rolling.

Needle Sizes

I use a roller with 0.5mm stainless-steel microneedles. This size is best and safest for at home use to prevent fine lines, winkles and treat pigmentation, scaring and uneven skin tone. The larger needles will penetrate deeper into the skin and some can cause bleeding, these are typically best for more severe issues of pigmentation, scarring and stretch marks and should be use in a clinical setting.


My Experience with Rolling

I have been rolling for about 5 years now, possibly more, because when I first got my roller I was not as dedicated to rolling as I am now. I love my roller because not only has it helped me to improve the tone of my skin, it has helped to keep my skin plump and wrinkle free. Honestly, I still get people asking me what grade I am in! and I am 29 now, definitely way past high school age! The main issue I really struggled with, which forced me to start rolling, was my issue with pigmentation scaring. Anytime I get a pimple or any type of blemish, after that blemish has cleared my skin will almost always be left with a scar. If I left the scar without rolling it would take months or almost years to clear up. However, with consistent rolling I can clear up the scar within a few weeks, and with those deeper scars/ pimples maybe just a couple of months. I strongly recommend to NOT ROLL if you have ACTIVE ACNE or any other face lesions. This is because rolling over these areas and on to other areas of your skin will spread the acne/ lesions. On the Other hand, if you’re like me and suffer from occasional pimples- one or two at a time- you could still roll but ensuring to avoid those areas of breakouts. In the past when I was trying to clear up some scarring I would roll every single day because I was desperate to get rid of the scars and I wanted to be able to go out with out makeup on. Now that I have cleared up most of the scarring, I must say I do get a bit lazy with rolling and roll 3-4 times a week. If I ever get lazy and go a few days without rolling, I always notice my skin becomes dull and just not quite right, this is my cue to remember to start rolling again. So, in a nutshell it is important to try your best to roll at least a few times a week if you can, but to receive the full benefits of rolling, everyday is best.

Cleaning the Dermal Roller

I personally clean my roller with denture tablets- YES, that’s right I said denture tablets! I break off about one quarter of the tablet place it into a Styrofoam cup fill with luke warm water and place your roller in the water and let soak. I usually just soak it over night, but however long the denture tablets indicate it takes to sanitize would be sufficient enough. The reason why I use denture tablets is because it sanitizes the roller. I sanitize the roller once a week. However, after ever use I run the roller under warm water thoroughly rinsing the roller head. Then I spray with a 70-90% alcohol spray and let it sit in its case with the lid off until it has completely dry. If you replace the lid without letting it dry the roller does not fully dry. Personally, I feel uncomfortable using a wet roller because moisture harbors bacteria. There may be other ways or solutions to use to clean the dermal roller, however I find this has worked for me and it is inexpensive.


I am yet to notice any draw backs with using the roller. If used correctly there really should not be any problems. The only thing that I will reiterate and strongly recommend again is to not use the roller with active acne. I have used it previously where I had too many pimples at once and I feel like I had just spread the pimples. If you do have active acne or facial lesions, its important to clear it up first and once you have solved that problem you can start rolling. Another thing you want to avoid is using the roller if you are starting a new moisturizer or cleanser or any other facial product/ treatment because you never know how you will react, and the roller will only force that product to penetrate deeper into your skin.

When can you start?

Once your other skin issues are resolved then you can start rolling at anytime really. I would recommend if you are young and thinking about dermal rolling to wait until you are in at least your early to mid 20’s just because in late teenage/ young adulthood your skin is still changing. That being said even if you do no have problematic skin, it is always a good time to start dermal rolling because it is a great way to prevent the effects of skin aging.

How long will it take to notice benefits?

This really depends on your skin as everyone’s skin is unique. I noticed results after about 1 month of consistent rolling and the results just continue to get better and better as the months progressed. In the beginning you may notice your skin might be flaky or dry, this is because your skin will begin regenerating skin cells thus allowing the old/dead cells to flake off. Don’t be discouraged stick to it and your will begin to see your beautiful skin flourish.

Price: Varies depending on the brand and needle size, mine at the time I got it retailed for about $80. However, I do believe there are some cheaper ones out there online now.

Coming soon: A how to video on how I roll my face! Follow my blog to be updated when this post is released.

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