Heidi Cannon: Power Woman

Watch me as I get Heidi Cannon WBFF Pro get ready for one of her famous photo shoots. Heidi is always completely candid, what you see is what you get folks. Loved putting this video together only to find her funny little moments that I just could not cut out!

What can I say about my long time friend Heidi Cannon. She truly is the epitome of a power woman. I first met Heidi when we began working together at a medical cosmetic spa. We instantly became friends and bonded over our love for, what was back then a popular show, The Jersey Shore. Throughout our friendship together I was lucky to witness Heidi strive to succeed in everything she did, and made reaching each and everyone one of her goals look so easy, even when it wasn’t. At that time when we first met I learned she was a belly dancer and I was star struck just hearing that. only to find out later she would go on to become a WBFF Pro fitness model (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion). There was no doubt in my mind Heidi would be a success in the fitness world. We used to discuss her passion to move up in the health and fitness and inspire others to be healthy, and successful. So, of course its only natural that she would be so easily welcomed in to the Hard Magnum team.

Did I mention she rides dirt bikes and has black belt in Karate! Not only that, she is an amazing wife, who always put hers family first. This is yet another quality about Heidi that inspires me. Her kind and caring character gives her this amazing ability to take care of everyone around her, and make almost anyone feel like a million bucks (trust me this is true).


You can catch Heidi at Cloud 9 Boutique during the day making people’s skin look and feel fabulous. If she not there then you can catch her in her kitchen, cooking up some delicious and healthy meals and desserts. Did I tell you guys she has her own app?! Mrs. Heidi Cannon’s Kitchen, go check it out, and while your on way to the app you might just stumble across her website, full of wonderful recipes that are actually delicious and healthy– you will not find those two words together anywhere else except for in Mrs. Heidi Cannon’s Kitchen. 

For more photos from today’s session with Heidi check out the Gallery.

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