Makeup Tutorial: Mature Skin

I wanted to share this makeup tutorial I did on my lovely mom. In this video I showcase the Fenty Beauty Trio Sticks, as well as I introduce the topic about melasma.

All About the Fenty!

The Fenty Beauty Trio Sticks I used were the Tan-300 Sticks with shades Truffle, Caramel, and Rum, Rum being the highlighter stick. I really liked using the Fenty Beauty Trio Sticks, I found them to be very creamy and smooth, easy to apply and blend, and overall looked very pretty on my moms skin. You do not need a lot of the product which I really like because it is on the more pricey side for contour/highlight sticks, in my personal opinion. They retail individually for about $31 CAD, however when you purchase the Trio Sticks they retail for $67 CAD so it is a better value to purchase the Trio Sticks rather then individual, especially if you know you want more then one shade. Though, I still think it is worth it to have these easy to apply, beautiful looking products in your makeup box.

Let’s Talk about Melasma

Melasma is dark often greyish pigmentation that appears on areas of the skin particularly they have had great amounts of sun exposure to the skin. Areas such as cheekbones, forehead, or arms. There really is no “cure” for melasma, some helpful ways to treat the areas are to use lightening creams which can help to lighten the areas of pigment, thus reducing the darkened look of the skin. Another way is to cover up the pigmentation using makeup. I would avoid any laser treatments, IPL treatments or peels over those areas. Any type of treatment that is going to remove a top layer of the skin cells, or stimulate the lower layers of your skins cells, are only going to stimulate more pigmentation to be brought to the surface. This is not to say everyone will get melasma who has been exposed to the sun for long periods of time, it is just some peoples luck that this pigmentation will show through, and often, in my mom’s and possibly mine in the future, it is hereditary. You can find out how much sun damage you have by having a UV photo taken at your local dermatologist, or skin specialist office, its definitely worth it to check out.

Cover it up!

There are some excellent color correcting palettes, wheels and concealers out there that will do the job. Some of my favorites are the color correcting wheel from Morphe Brushes, and the Makeup Forever Camouflage palette. I usually start with applying a pink flesh tone color corrector to the skin. In the tutorial you see I use a light pink color to begin with. It shows up on the video a little light because of the lighting, but it is a pink color. I apply the foundation and then usually I will go back over the areas with more flesh tone color correcting if necessary and finish it off with you favorite concealer, mine being the Jane Iredale BB Cream, then set with y our favorite setting powder or pressed powder.

Prevention is key

The best way to prevent melasma or sun spots is ensuring your are using sunscreen before leaving home. The government of Canada recommends using a sunscreen with UVA/UVBA protection of SPF 15 or higher. Apply the sunscreen 20 mins before exposure to the sun, 20 mins after and reapply every 2 hours after that. Another great way I recommend is wearing a cute hat to protect your face from exposure. Don’t forget fashion is also key!

Check out more of sun protection from the Government of Canada here.

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